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Meet Our Founders

Why Do We Gather?


​We come together...

  • to deepen our mastery in the subject of Talent, Strengths, and their application to life and work.
  • to facilitate opportunities for growth in our professional lives.
  • to create collaboration around the subjects that both energize and stump us.
  • to impact our communities {internally in our corporations, externally with our clients, and within our personal circles}---for greater productivity, professional and personal engagement, and well-being.

Why Did We Form?


​By mid-2013, in San Diego, it was obvious that the momentum, impact, and reach of the GALLUP® Clifton StrengthsFinder® was gaining. And, the assessment's professionals and enthusiasts needed a place to connect, grow, and share. So, it was with that common thought and a couple gals over coffee that the Strengths Network San Diego was formed.

Erin Passons

Passons Consulting | Leaders. Teams. Partners.

Strategic Consultant

Former GALLUP Consultant