When and How?

We meet bi-monthly to provide support and share resources with each other in our diverse business ventures. 

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What Do We Do?

We come together to deepen our mastery, share professional growth, create collaboration, and impact our communities for greater productivity, professional and personal engagement and well-being.

Who Are We?

A group of regional professionals who are committed to and energized by a Strengths-based approach to work and life. We use the GALLUP® Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment as a tool for communication, growth, and impact --- for individuals, groups, and teams.

Mastery. Growth. Collaboration. Impact.

Do you resonate with the idea of living through Strength {instead of weakness}? 
Do you want to collaborate with others {about StrengthsFinder} ?
Do you want to sharpen your expertise {and your business}?
Are you in San Diego {or even remotely near by}?